Chess Federation of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was founded in March 2002.

Chess Federation of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is situated in Istiglal street, attached to the Nakhchivan Chess Center in Nakhchivan City. Contact: 036 545 43 82

The chairman of  Nakhchivan Chess Federationт -  Talibov Seymur Vasif

The vice-chairman Nakhchivan Chess Federation -  Hajiyev Emin Davud

Federation consists of Nakhchivan Chess Center and 7 schools in regions of Autonomous Republic.  More than 250 groups participate  at all these schools and about 3000 chess players are engaged in chess in these groups. Besides this in all the secondary schools of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic chess classes are held for 2 hours per week.

Since the day of its foundation the Federation took an active part in organizing of the worthy chess competitions.

In 2003, World Chess Championship among the players of the 20 years of age was held in Nakhchivan.

The first International Chess Festival in memory of  Nationwide Leader Haydar Aliyev was first held in May 2011 and is traditionally organized every year.

A number of titled chess players are in the structure of Federation:

Emin Hajiyev  - International arbiter

Huseyn Tagiyev – FIDE arbiter

Urfan Sevdimaliyev – International grandmaster

Talib Babayev – International master

Hasanzadeh Togrul - International master

   Parviz Gasimov – FIDE master – the bronze medal winner of  European Championship among the chess players of 14 years of age.   

Sadig Mammadov – FIDE Master – Azerbaijan Chess Champion among the chess players of 16 years of age

Aynur Katanova – Woman FIDE Master - Azerbaijan Chess Champion among the women chess players of  18 years of age

Rauf Murtuzov – Candidate to Master – European Champion among the school chess players of 11 years of age