The tournament which among 8.10,12,14 and 16-year-old girls and boys for qualifying of Azerbaijan Championship was held in the Agjabedi district. 12 chess players of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic qualified for the final championship. Among 8-year-old boys Mirzayev Ugur with 7 points, Murali Latif with 6.5 points, among 10-year-old boys Hasanov Ramal with 7.5 points, among 14-year-old boys Allahverdiyev Zahid with 7 points, Seyid Huseyn with 6.5 points, among 16-year-old boys Aliyev Ali 6 points, Aliyev Aykhan 6 points, 8-year-old girls Zamanli Ayla 6 points, 10-year-old girls Ganbarli Nigar 6.5 points, 14-year-old girls Humbatova Nazli 6 points, 16-year-old girls Ahmadova Yegana 7.5 and Babayeva Nasrin 7 points they wrote their names in the final.
We congratulate our chess players for such a great success and wish them to triumph in the final.